UniMac® Product Portfolio Extension - Drying Cabinets

We are pleased to inform you that UniMac has extended its product portfolio. From this month there are newly available Drying Cabinets in several variations. The Drying Cabinets are available with optional accessories such as kit of hooks, hangers etc. You can find the Drying Cabinets under the designation DC 4 (capacity 4 kg), DC 8 or DC 8 HP (capacity 8 kg), DC 16 (capacity 16 kg) or FDC 6 (capacity 20 kg), which has been especially developed for fire stations.

Drying Cabinets dry clothes and other items using a warm air system. Damp air is expelled through a ventilation channel or condensed using heat pump technology. Drying Cabinets can dry linen using the following cycles:

  • Time dry / Moisture dry;
  • Space saving;
  • Time saving;
  • Energy saving.

Drying Cabinets can dry laundry without using mechanical action during the drying process. No mechanical action means an extended lifetime for textiles and garments. Tests from a Swedish laboratory show that drying without using mechanical action reduces wear up to 64% compared to a mechanical drying process (tumble dryer).

You can download the ‘Technical Specification of Drying Cabinets‘ either from our International UniMac website or from the ‘My Alliance‘ portal.

UniMac<sup>®</sup> Product Portfolio Extension - Drying Cabinets