Experts in Facility Management

With continuously changing hygiene standards and the increasing demands in the business, we know it’s not easy to keep up. UniMac® designs laundry solutions to speed up wash cycles, lower costs, preserve textile fibers for longer and provide impeccable service.

Your needs

Your brand image and the cleanliness of your environment are one and the same. First impressions are decisive so you must always maintain the highest standards of hygiene. For in-depth cleaning of floors and premises, first ensure that your mops and microfiber textiles match your requirements. We design washing machines and dryers for all sectors of the industry, and we develop the most effective and efficient cleaning cycles on the market.


Our facility management solutions

Our made-to-measure facility management solutions protect against contamination and ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of your premises at all times. UniMac® solutions wash better and faster thanks to specially designed programs for brooms, mops, antibacterial towels and microfiber textiles. The large capacities of our washing machines and their high G-force will save your time and money. We propose OPTispray and OPTidry® to reduce your costs and expenses, while increasing the lifespan of cloths and equipment. UniLinc® and TotalVue® are tools for the control and management of the entire laundering process. Increase the productivity of your cycles and monitor the performance of your machines directly from the cloud.


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Maximum throughput with UniMac®

We work in all sectors of the business: hospitality, healthcare, industrial laundries... With UniMac® solutions, you simplify whole laundry process and are guaranteed perfect service, 24/7. UniMac® also means greener and more sustainable management of general services: our washing machines leave less chemical residue after each cycle. Our industrial equipment has been designed to consume the minimum amount of water and energy, considerably reducing your internal costs. With UniMac®, you extend the life expectancy of your mops and microfiber textiles: no need to constantly renew them. As for our short drying programs, these enable you to reach the humidity level desired very quickly. Once dried, mops and microfibers can be immediately returned to service.


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