Experts in Industrial Laundry

We know how seriously you take your business. That is why we are just as passionate about ours. Always aiming at ultimate efficiency and maximum throughput, we offer the best solution in the market for industrial laundries. Laundry is all we do.

Your needs

Your company wants to create the best customer experience possible. We share this focus, and it is with this in mind, that we offer the best solutions. UniMac® has more than 70 years' experience in providing expert laundry solutions. We bring innovations to achieve the highest standards of quality and performance at each stage of the process: washing, drying, ironing, and management.


Our industrial laundry Solutions

Our top-of-the-range equipment:

  • Industrial washer-extractors: tailor-made machines for in-house washing, rigid base or suspended, proven durability, with a wide range of capacities.
  • Industrial tumble dryers: professional machines with a wide capacity range, to preserve linen and to reduce operating costs.
  • Industrial ironers: top market machines in terms of material quality, performance and durability.

Our innovations:

  • OPTispray: the most efficient rinsing system in the world, that minimizes water consumption whilst shortening wash cycles and lowering operating costs.
  • OPTidry®: our solution allows you to achieve the degree of drying required in very little time, while preserving the textile fibers.
  • UniLinc® and TotalVue®: tailor-made cycles which are efficient and can be managed from all internet enable devices.
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Advantages of UniMac®

With UniMac® equipment and solutions, your operating costs are considerably reduced, leading to increased profits for you. We offer our clients the top machines on the market and make things easy for them. Working with UniMac®, you focus on your business first and foremost - the core purpose of your business - and not on laundry equipment and its performance or maintenance. Performance, durability and reliability are the pillars upon which we have built our reputation.


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