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Since the future of laundry is green, we innovate with SoftWash®Step up your profits with SoftWash®, UniMac®'s innovative soft wash solution: a fast, cost-saving and green alternative to dry-cleaning service.

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Step up profits. Serve guests. Sustain the planet. UniMac® proudly introduces to you SoftWash®, a revolutionary soft wash solution. SoftWash® is a green alternative to dry cleaning service. A complete in-house laundry solution – including wet cleaning, drying and finishing equipment – SoftWash® has an immediate impact on your profits growth. Fast and flexible, UniMac®’s wet cleaning solution cleans all your guests’ garments perfectly, even the most delicate and luxury items. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, it reduces your impact on the planet and therefore fits perfectly in any facility, including the most exotic and ecologically demanding.



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Compact, space-saving, SoftWash® is also a flexible solution: the same machines can handle your standard laundry and your wet cleaning requirements. No need for an external dry cleaning service supplier anymore: you can now generate more revenue by servicing your guests’ garment cleaning needs “in-house” with our complete soft wash cleaning solution. Fast – cleaning, drying and finishing within less than 1 hour – and powerful, SoftWash® not only will increase your profits but it will also improve your customers’ satisfaction by offering an ultra-fast, premium laundry service.

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Less gas, water, energy and detergents. No need for Perchloroethylene (PCE), hydrocarbons or other harmful solvents. With SoftWash®, UniMac® not only proves its dedication to deliver the lowest cost of ownership in the professional laundry industry, it also shows its commitment to minimise its impact on the planet. Equipped with cutting-edge innovations, including OPTidry® Over-dry Prevention Technology, our soft wash machines are a part of a full package of services: dedicated software programs, easy installation and even in-house UniMac® financing solutions* if requested. They also benefit from our industry leading 5 year warranty (depending on products) and from our exclusive, award winning Customer One service program. Above all, wet cleaning UniMac® experts deliver full training and follow-up support before, during and after installation.

*Financial options may vary by country. Please contact Alliance or your local UniMac® distributor for further details.

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