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Our full line of heavy-duty industrial washing machines, tumble dryers and finishing ironers delivers the absolute lowest cost of ownership in the commercial laundry industry.

Unimac, industrial washing machines

Industrial washing machines

Whether you need high-capacity, mid- or low-volume professional laundry equipment, UniMac®’s industrial washing machines offer the best possible performance and highest throughput, combined with the absolute lowest cost of ownership. Built for industrial needs, our machines are equipped with patented, cutting-edge technologies like UniLinc® that allows wireless control of your laundry facility, or TotalVue® that gathers comprehensive data to give you complete visibility to performance and costs of your laundry installation.

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Unimac,industrial tumble dryers

Industrial tumble dryers

UniMac® commercial tumble dryers reach unmatched level of performance, efficiency and durability. Achieving the perfect balance between drying temperature, airflow pattern and usable cylinder space for optimal drying results, our heavy-duty commercial laundry equipment significantly decreases utility and labor costs while extending your linens’ lifetime. Our dryers also benefit from the best drying technology, including the revolutionary OPTidry® Over-dry Prevention Technology.

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Unimac, industrial ironers

Industrial Ironers

Your quality standard only makes the highest finishing acceptable. UniMac® heated roll flatwork ironers deliver high-end quality results. Our seven models of finishers meet the needs of any size operation. Built with heavy-duty materials to ensure durability and lasting performance, our finishing commercial laundry equipment is designed to be as safe as possible. Operators are prevented from placing their hands too close to the machine thanks to a stop bar while any component not working properly will automatically trigger an alarm system.

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Unimac, finishing equipment and accessories

Finishing equipment and accessories

Our taste for excellence guides us down to the smallest details. Our finishing equipment and accessories are designed to bring the perfect final touch to your professional laundry services. UniMac® helps you find the perfect fit in our broad range of towel folders, tensioning form finishers, air-operated presses, automatic shirt finishers, steam generators, vertical trouser toppers and more. As parts of our complete, turnkey solutions designed for highest throughput and lower cost of ownership, they benefit from the same support and warranty as our commercial laundry equipment.

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Unimac, warranty


The strength of our machines is reflected by the strength of our warranty. Alliance Laundry Systems has been a leader in the commercial laundry equipment industry for more than a century. That means we’ve stood the test of time — just like the industrial laundry machines we build. We stand behind every machine we build with a warranty on all washers and dryers that goes well beyond anything offered by competing companies.

Our products have industry leading 5 year warranty (depending on products). 3 year warranty + 2 year warranty extension on critical parts for washers. 3 year warranty for dryers.

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Unimac, genuine parts

Genuine Parts

With the Genuine Parts program of Alliance Laundry Systems, UniMac® ensures an unparalleled durability to your commercial laundry equipment. Our Genuine Parts are the exact same as those of our original industrial washing machines or dryers. We make no distinction between an original part and a replacement one. All Genuine Parts are serviced by licensed UniMac® experts who know every detail of your machine and respond quickly to your needs.