UniMac® Offers the Widest Portfolio of Industrial Laundry Equipment and On-Premises Machines on the Market

We take care of your toughest laundry challenge. To get maximum performance, you need to maximize throughput, minimize costs and achieve the best return on investment. Therefore, we are proud to show you the UniMac product portfolio depicting our machine solutions.

Our full line of robust industrial equipment offers design, construction and innovation like nothing else on the market. With ultimate durability, cutting-edge technology and unmatched efficiency, UniMac delivers the absolute lowest cost of ownership in the commercial laundry industry.

The UniMac products are divided into the four main sections:

  • Washer-extractors with rigid mount (UW and UC ranges), soft mount (UY and FW ranges) and medical barrier (UH, UMB and UB ranges) possibilities, ranging from 100 to 400 G-Force
  • Tumble dryers in single (UU and FD ranges) and stacked (UUT range) executions, featuring radial/axial airflow, or heat pump (UHP range) technology
  • Flatwork ironers heated by cylinder (FCU range) or chest (I and ACL ranges), accompanied by crossfolders and stackers
  • Other laundry equipment, such as drying cabinets (DC and FDC ranges), feeders, folders, finishing equipment