UniMac® at RS100 Strutture - Training event for RSA and nursing homes

UniMac sponsored the regional events RS100 Strutture – The movement of the elderly, held Nov. 10 in Padua and Dec. 15 in Rome.

The events, limited to 100 select facilities in each host region, are accredited by the regional institutions and by the local associations that deal with senior care.

UniMac was proud to present, in an innovative way, an in-house laundry solution for a social-assistance health care facility, such as a retirement home, nursing home and RSA.

From the left, Luigi Bortolami (UniMac Sales Representative for Lazio region), Marco Oleoni (Key Account Manager – UniMac) at RS100 Strutture

Along with the kitchen, the laundry is the service most valued by the elderly resident and his family. The technological progress over the last 10 years has been enormous and innovative solutions such as our wet cleaning system – SoftWash® – have changed the industry. SoftWash, a green alternative to dry cleaning service for most delicate garments, combined with our resident clothing tracking system, enhance the quality of internal laundry service. This improved service ensures the satisfaction of the resident and his family.

In addition, our equipment rental solutions make the internal laundry even more convenient and financially viable than contracting with an external washing service.

The tracking N.H. System, developed to simplify the management of laundry garments, has generated great interest. Thanks to this system, all the residents’ garments are identified through barcode labels or microchips (RFID tag), ensuring full traceability and elimination of any complaints from residents and their families. Finally, an easy-to-use software makes it possible to view and control, even remotely, the management and history of each resident or individual garments.

“The RS100 Strutture events offered fantastic opportunities to discuss our laundry solutions with decision makers in the growing senior care market,” said Marco Oleoni, UniMac key account manager for Italy. “The UniMac products definitely were met with great interest from attendees.”

Marco Oleoni (Key Account Manager - UniMac) at RS100 Strutture

When it comes to resident care, we at UniMac take care of it.